Letter from our dual CEO's

Ardent Partners - New Zealand and Singapore

May 2020

Dear prospective client,

Today’s global business environment provides countless opportunities for success. However, it is a major challenge for many innovators, governments and businesses in their varied degrees of establishment to grow their operations, whether they seek project management expertise to start or expand; or scalable project funding and/or other valuable resources.

Ardent assists clients to overcome these challenges by working in partnership with them as trusted counterparts. With access to specialist resources in various countries, capital development funds for project funding and/or finance and a myriad of business advisory experts, we provide valuable turnkey commercial support to projects we contract.

With the 2020 decision to focus on partnerships, we are driven to ensure that our reach in both the private, corporate and government sectors are well received. We have a special emphasis on establishing public / private partnerships (PPPs) that provide our specialist commercial services and access to capital with a more volumetric or wholesale perspective.

Ardent’s Management Team has decades of experience in project management, capital raising and the corporate business arena, and is committed to investing in the people, technology and processes to ensure the highest standard of service as a results driven enterprise. We’re currently operating out of New Zealand and Singapore with significant expansion plans.

Ardent Partners are a solutions focused, project management and related services provider. Therefore, we welcome you to file a submission form with respect to your enquiry which will be received by our branch staff; from there we may discuss your project team’s vision. We look forward to assessing your requirements to see how we may best service your needs.

Kind Regards,
James Brien and John Twizell
Dual – Chief Enabling Officers (CEO’s)
Board of Directors
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