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New Zealand

Ardent Partners NZ Limited is registered in New Zealand. Our office is centrally located in Hamilton.


Ardent Partners SG Pte Limited is registered in Singapore. Our office is located in the CT Hub in Kallang.


Ardent Partners UAE Limited is a proposed company establishment for 2020/2021. Offices pending.

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The Team

Our extensive team of experts are qualified and experienced in various disciplines and located around the world whilst based out of (currently) two centralised office locations.

Our team are values-driven and strongly believe in both personal and professional growth. Integrity, honesty, transparency and tenacity are our pillars as we strive to continually deliver and improve.

Our Companies and Team Profiles

ARDENT Partners

New Zealand and Singapore

New Zealand – Ardent Partners NZ Limited
PO BOX 15615, Dinsdale, Hamilton. New Zealand: 3243
Registered Company # 1960697 | Established: 28/06/2007
Registered Financial Service Provider # 260985 | 11/12/2012
Singapore – Ardent Partners SG Pte Limited
2 Kallang Avenue #03-08, CT Hub. Singapore: 339407
Registered Company # 201500944 | Established: 08/01/2015

Our Core Focus

Project Assessments – this is the assessment of a project in the form of a proposed project company that seeks to attract funding, so that it may build out the business of producing products and delivering services per a defined “project” and this is where “project management” becomes valuable.

Project Management – is a specialised set of processes and methodologies that result in plans that various teams i.e. the project team, builders, developers etc. can follow. It is the documenting with inclusion of best practises and lessons learned to create an optimum outcome, on time and on budget.

Project Funding – the process of taking an assessment, with a partial to full view of incorporating project management into a proposed project company, with the objective of creating all necessary “pitch” material and connecting those funders to the project opportunity in a productive and successful manner.

Project Services – are all the add on functions that fall outside of ordinary project assessment, management and funding. These are the services that produce effective strategies, create an impactful image, drive a planned objective, measure results and equal a legal, professional and prepared business.

Note: We, at Ardent Partners, are a connected broker that is able to make introductions for project funding; we know how to best prepare and pitch a project for a successful funding outcome. We are also in a formal partnership with our Associate: Aegis Porter, a funder in the UAE, where we formally assess their projects.

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values


  • To be a reliable, competent and capable team that exceed expectations.


  •  Delivering better systems, faster processes, and more accuracy and dependability for all projects.


  •  A systematic project assessment, funding and management system with greater control and flexibility.


  •  Integrity, honesty, transparency and tenacity in all that we do.


June 28, 2007

New Zealand

NZ Company established to perform Project Assessments with a view to aligning strategic investors to innovative projects.

June 28, 2007


NZ and Australia

Time was spent learning and networking with NZ VC’s, PE’s, angel investors, innovation workshops, accountants and incubators.



N.America and S.E Asia

Time was spent learning and networking with VC’s, PE’s, angel investors in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.


January 08, 2015


SG Company established to perform similarly to our NZ Company with a view to aligning strategic investors to innovative projects.

January 08, 2015


S.E. Asia and U.A.E

Time was spent understanding a number of gaps in the market between the APEC, ASEAN and Middle Eastern markets. We formed our 2020 Plan to formally J.V. partner with Avid and Aegis.



Ardent, Avid and Aegis

Despite Covid19, our 2020 plan and new JV’s stimulated new logos, websites and company structures. We also began our partnership with Provision IT and started “Binder” our custom IT platform.



Ardent Partners – is specialised in assessing and managing projects. Project management is a critical success factor in all projects and its therefore recognised as a vital requirement to most projects seeking funding. Our clients are able to access our suite of relevant services and achieve results in a may that’s mostly unmatched by any other project management company – our specific ability to assess, manage and fund, promote and advise.

Avid Paymaster – is an escrow agent, specialised in banking. Avid works to safeguard funds as an intermediary party that can qualify, hold, release, distribute and account for money. Uses range from investments and proof of funds validation through to brokerage housing where we receipt contract funds and pay agreed parties on instruction. This is a licensed activity and we utilise Binder, our own custom software platform to perform.

Aegis Porter – is a back office cash and asset management (“portfolio”) service for HNW and UHNW partners inclusive of family offices and commercial Fund Managers. Aegis works to protect investor / partner capital to a degree above Avid with a legal structure that accommodates the buying, holding and selling of assets within segregated, managed portfolios. Aegis may also trade managed assets in secondary market private placements.

Binder – is our custom software platform. Our team conceived and commissioned its creation and we do not otherwise sell it. Our clients and partners are provided with limited licenses that allow them use of Binder. All staff across all Associates utilise this platform so that we may freely share and exchange all content, notwithstanding security and privacy measures that include access control and device specific tracing.


ARDENT | Ar-dent | Ardnt | Adjective

Means:   Enthusiastic or passionate

  • Featuring our version of an iconic fruit – a symbol of growth, and mimicking success.
  • The two leaves atop are synonymous with growth, suggesting a pair of “partners”.
  • The colour green matches our ecological stance with “projects” as well as “funding”.
  • The “8” in the centre is a symbol of luck and prosperity, also infinity (without an end).
  • The circular “a” and “p” represent our ‘outside the box’ and ‘there is no box’ thinking.
  • The logo-brand is shared with a colour differential with our Associates for recognition.
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