Public Private Partnerships

Facilitated by Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners have developed a strategic program specifically to address the commercial and financial project frameworks, requirements and desires of Government. The Public, Private Partnership (“PPP”) Program performs all inclusively, Fund Management and Project Management, as a third party.

Note: (PPP) Private Placement Programs are secondary market, arbitrary, trade contracts. This is not the intended PPP for discussion in this section.

PPP – Public Private Partnerships are structural and typically exist to serve a Joint Venture (“JV”) between Government and Project, and/or Funding.

  • This is open to all APEC, PIF and ASEAN countries. Others based on a case by case basis.
  • The JV is established primarily with capital from Government. However, there are no exclusions to the introduction of private company funds.
  • The JV may include various public and private interests as shareholders, providing there is a bona fide and long term management strategy.
  • The JV or a third party Fund Manager would be appointed to administer the Fund and make project attribution trades to benefit the JV.
  • The JV would subsequently utilise a portion of each net gain to plan, project manage and open new public facilities. Ensuring sustainability.
  • The JV may own assets or a separate public Trust may be appropriate depending on the class of assets required for each type of project.
  • The JV would be a separate, (private) commercial entity. It is not “Government” and is not subject to the same regulatory environment.
  • The Board would be comprised of (private) industry experts and Government with a neutral third party (often lawyer) Chairperson.
  • The JV would not be permitted to enter into debt. The JV may operate as a Project Management Office or engage Ardent for this function.
More information can be found within our corporate brochure.
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