Project Funding Criteria

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Please ensure that you have researched available information here before contacting us, submitting your project and/or arranging to meet with our project assessment team. This will best ensure our time is well spent and a valuable, respectful relationship is built. We do accommodate timezone variances.

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General Criteria

Certain criteria will apply to all types of project funding arrangement:

  • All projects will require documentation to varying degrees.
  • All projects will be subject to due diligence and will be critiqued until funded.
  • All projects will be subject to annual accounting and audit requirements.
  • All projects must be properly project managed (Ardent PMO or a specific internal company division).
  • All projects will be funded per a drawdown schedule that relates to financial projections (budget).

Quick-fire Bullet Points:

  • Innovation that does not reinvent the wheel.
  • Exciting and bold, backed by evidence or likely trending
  • Profitable, economic sustainability is important.
  • English, all correspondence and documentation must be in English.
  • Capital, we need to see that you have skin in the game.
  • Funding, we fund projects (min) USD$1 million and up.
  • Finance, we don’t currently finance projects (we equity fund).
  • Competitors, ideally none or very few.
  • Intellectual Property, needs to be registrable and protectable.
  • Licences, permissions, support, potentially from government.
  • Qualified and experienced team, this is of utmost importance.
  • No disqualified or bankrupt Directors, this will hurt an application.
  • Absolute integrity, be honest, we do our due diligence.
  • Documents, must be per criteria, professional, your best works.
  • Currency, all forecasts must be in USD or EUR + local currency.
  • Forecasts, they must be responsible and validated best guesses.
  • Private company or PPP, as we do not fund public companies.
  • External validation, who else supports you, with what and why.
  • Market research, provide extracts and references in an appendix.

Interest Industry Examples:

Whilst we will look at any project in any industry that makes sense and is backed by a solid team, the following industries are easiest for us to validate by obtaining external expertise and therefore they are the ones that may provide us the most timely confidence.

  • Green energy (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal)
  • Energy storage (environmentally safe, technology, transportable)
  • Green materials (environmental sustainability and production)
  • Bio technology (bio mass, agri/aquaculture, feed stocks, fuels)
  • Food technology (growth, harvesting, organics, systems)
  • Waste management (technology, systems, tools, recycling)
  • Water management (technology, filtration, storage, distribution)
  • Health sciences (natural and strategically important pharma, exercise)
  • Pollution reduction (air, water, technology, systems)
  • Transportation (technological advances, monorails, fuel-less)

We do not fund apps for consumers’ phones or tablets and we do not finance consumer goods such as cars or trucks, or projects into other financial transactions with third parties.

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Private Project Companies

This section is dedicated toward private project company funding. Most of this website is focused on this demographic. It means “non government” and may include companies, trusts and foundation structures from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Adoption of recommended operational policies are expected. Some are mandatory.
  • We strictly monitor fraud, all forms including the misappropriation of funds and any/all asset types.
  • We maintain a seat on the PPC’s board for fiscal and operational transparency, and to assist / advise.
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Public Private Partnerships

This section provides brief criteria with respect to Public, Private Partnerships (or “PPP”). These are arrangements specifically catering to Government. We accept national governments although most partners will be regional i.e. district councils or municipalities.

  • Functions a “Board” comprised of Ardent PMO and local Government members (decision makers).
  • Authorises funding processes, distribution of funds and monitors projects. Includes public relations.
  • Ownership of assets are typically in a community trust structure with operational contracts.
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Project Management Office

With respect to partners of Aegis Porter:

  • The 80/20 rule. We are focused on project attribution. Annual account statements required.
  • A PMO must exist. Partners can contract Ardent or establish their own re: “who” conducts compliance.
  • All fiscal reporting requires external validation i.e. KPMG. Arms length assurance of appropriation.
  • Associate Partners are required to utilise Binder (our CMS) to file reports and store sensitive data.
  • We retain the right to terminate a Partner that commits fraud, manipulates data and/or fails to report.

Download Brochure (last revision 2016) Low Resolution. 1Mb file size. *Terms of use

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