Let us help you to fund your goals in the most productive ways...

Project funding can be very complex and confusing; knowing where to go, who to seek advice from and how to format applications and plans. With Ardent, our clients have access to partners, investors, project and relationship managers, and a guided process.

Project Funding

Funding Brief

General information concerning the funding of projects – the type of projects we’re interested in, applicable industries, processes, expectations and key factors.


Criteria information concerning the funding of projects – what is required, when it is required, how should it be presented and what determines success.


Documentation information concerning the presentation of projects for funding – what documents are needed, how it must be formatted and presented.


Public Private Partnerships are for Government’s and Municipalities I.E. major infrastructure projects.

Private Project Company

This section specifically looks at what is required when a “private project company” seeks funding and potentially project management, for a start-up or expanding venture seeking “equity investment”.

Service Info

Core information on how we assess projects, what is expected, what needs to be delivered and how we assist a project toward achieving success.

How does this work?

When we deliver project funding and/or financing in favour of your project, we are partnering with you. By partnering with you, we want and need performance to be the absolute best it can be. This makes sense, right?

Therefore, we expect transparent communication and business dealings, respectful and diligent work ethics, pride and attention to detail, methodical problem solving attitudes and a positive, professional and successful mindset.

We will join your project board and remain there until any early or later determined exit. We will support your project internally and externally. We will provide you with credible partners, assist you with suppliers and exports, international relations and banking.

Your success is our success and vice versa.


One common goal amongst projects and investors “profit” and ideally the projects our team supports succeed in achieving this with thriving national and international businesses. Profits are a bi-product of success.

When projects and their shareholders wish to “give back” to their communities, they may achieve this in many different ways. We assist to plan, develop and execute such strategies.

We’re happy to assist any investors, projects or relevant parties with their philanthropic objectives, in association with our partners at Avid and Aegis Porter.

Investors seeking opportunities

Our partnership with Avid Paymaster – enables us to introduce, as a broker, deals that require a middle party to secure a transaction, like legal escrow. They also work closely with Aegis Porter to facilitate investors deposits.

Our partnership with Aegis Porter – enables us to introduce, as broker, investors and/or projects that we have fully vetted and recommend. They reciprocate and rely on our advice when assessing projects for funding.

Our association to project incubators, accountants, entrepreneurs and business advisors internationally assist Ardent in assessing projects.

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