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Project funding can be very complex and confusing; knowing where to go, who to seek advice from and how to format applications and plans. With Ardent, our clients have access to partners, investors, project and relationship managers, and a guided process.

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General information concerning the funding of projects – the type of projects we’re interested in, applicable industries, processes, expectations and key factors.


Criteria information concerning the funding of projects – what is required, when it is required, how should it be presented and what determines success.


Documentation information concerning the presentation of projects for funding – what documents are needed, how it must be formatted and presented.

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Our extensive team of experts are qualified and experienced in various disciplines and located around the world.

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Associate – this is our most coveted tier and it comes with significant requirements and benefits. Whilst there is no equity requirement with respect to Ardent Partners, the company, there may be an agreed investment made by one of our existing Associates for equity as part of such an arrangement. Associates are able to utilise all of our resources, as if they were us, inclusive of offices and staff, with all resources managed by Binder (our custom CRM). It will require matching our logo and design specifications and all internal policies.

Partnership – this requires that Ardent Partners and your company enter into some form of written agreement for the providing of services, promotion of business and conditions surrounding the use, distribution or gain of resources (if any). A partnership may be a Joint Venture that officially binds the parties, or it may be a set set of interaction rules whereby the parties remain entirely separate. The main purpose is access to resources and promotion. However, we must remain highly selective when approving a partner. 

Affiliate – an Affiliate is a party we’ve had an association with, who has agreed to one or two way promotion. There is limited scope in respect to the use of brands, links to websites and strict design parameters. The Affiliate displaying content does not own the content and must control content per the owners conditions. There are no sharing of any other resources. There is oftentimes no written agreement notwithstanding permission to display and promote specific content. Purpose is specifically promotion by recommendation.

Consultant – a consultant is an independent third party expert, they are not employed by Ardent Partners nor any Associate. They may apply to register with us (or any Associate) and may appear on one or more of our websites. A registered consultant may be offered temporary contract work for advice in their fields of expertise when Ardent Partners are assessing a relevant project. We stringently check all specifics, identification, past work history and performance, and qualifications before approving a consultant.

Economic Agencies and Associations

  • APEC – The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • ASEAN – The Association of South East Asian Nations
  • PIF – The Pacific Islands Forum
  • ADB – The Asian Development Bank
  • AIIB – The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • The World Bank

Security Notice: Only employed staff have the right to present any kind of offer or contract and communication of such will only ever be via “ardent8.com” domain controlled email addresses. If you have received any kind of document that appears to be from us, please utilise this website as a resource and verify the contact person before signing any contract or transacting any money.

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