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Our Relationship Managers assess projects at all stages of development.

Welcome to Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners is currently registered and located in New Zealand and Singapore. Our team and partners have extensive expansion plans for the 202X decade that begin with the UAE in 2021.

Our objectives are to find, partner, foster, fund and develop amazing projects with brilliant people.
Achieved by managing many key relationships with partners, investors and incubators globally.


Our team are able to assess a project for a wide range of applicable services as offered in-house or via our strategic partners, associates or affiliates.


Whether a client seeks to develop a plan or execute a project, having access to skilled developers and project managers is key to all projects success.


From company structure to target market deployment. An office, manufacturing and logistical location globally can be vital components to your project.


Many projects seek funding or financing to assist in the execution of their projects. Via our funding partner, we offer direct and guided support to access them.


From needing a boardroom for a meeting, through to obtaining optimal H.R. policies, we provide true support to our valued clients and partners internationally.


Often overlooked when entrepreneurs craft the worlds next best thing. It's generally the difference between failure and success. Let us help you.

Welcome to Ardent Partners. Please select from the following options:

About Ardent

Learn all about Ardent, our companies, team, history, core focus areas, purpose, vision, mission and values.


Learn about services Ardent provide. Inclusive of Project Assessment, Project Management and more.


Learn about how Ardent can move from a project assessment towards supporting and promoting your project for funding.

Letter from the CEO's

An open letter from our dual CEO’s – that’s “Chief Enabling Officers”.

Dear prospective new client…

Partners, Associates and Affiliates

See the organisations we have partnerships with or are otherwise associated or affiliated to, in order to achieve our full range of capabilities. Our objective is to find, foster, support, promote and succeed in all client and partner engagements, long term.

Who We've Worked With

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